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There’s nothing worse than spending hours on hours applying to jobs to NOT get called for an Interview.  You took your time after coming from your crummy job to apply to jobs or worse your unemployed and need to be working right away. Right now the economy isn’t in the best shape and obtaining a job can prove to be very difficult…especially is you’re currently unemployed.

But, don’t worry. We have a solution for you.

Right now you can have your resume submitted to jobs for you on your behalf by a veteran recruiter.  You provide your resume and the job(s) you are seeking and our professional recruiter goes out and submits your credentials on your behalf. In addition to this you also receive a detailed report of all the positions that were applied to on your behalf.

What Sets Us Apart From Other Services?

Some places just post your resume to job boards. They don’t actually submit your resume for openings. This isn’t helpful if people are submitting their resume to the opening for consideration.  Hiring managers aren’t going to go looking for your resume when they have applicants sitting in front of them.  They hire the first person available that’s qualified. That leaves your resume just sitting on the job board collecting dust. Trust me we know. We have over 10 years’ experience in Human Resources and Management.

Features/Benefits Of Using This Service

  • Save Time & Money

    Using this service allows you to save your time which in turn saves you money. We can submit you quicker which helps you get hired faster.

  • No Ongoing Fee's

    A simple one time affordable fee for this service. No reoccurring monthly fee’s no subscriptions. Pay as you go and use it as often as you need.

  • LinkedIn Connections ($1,000 Value)

    We will also help you to grow your LinkedIn network by helping you get over 1,000 connections. These people can help you to find employment through networking.


See What Our Past Clients Have to Say

“This is by far a time saving service that actually helps! I was able to continue working while I had my resume submitted to jobs.”

Bradley Pierce
Bradley Pierce

“Helped me save time and I got a job within a few weeks of using the service. Two thumbs up.”

Wanda Rice
Wanda Rice

“I honestly hate applying for jobs online. It takes up so much time and can honestly be a waste of time. This service eliminates me having to do it myself. It’s completely affordable and helpful. If you’re looking for another job, I would say take advantage of this service.”

Madison Wood
Madison Wood

“If you’re limited on time or want the help of an experienced professional to get a job, then this service is for you.”

David Smith
David Smith

What Do You Need To Get Started?


That’s it…we take care of the rest!

What would you pay to have a human resource professional scour job boards and apply to jobs on your behalf to help you secure employment? Would you pay $3,000 to secure the job of your dreams? How about $2,000? Or how about $1,500? What if I told you that you can use this service for less than $500? Better yet what if I told you for a limited time the price was going to be reduced. Would you be interested?

How It Works

Based on the job(s) you are seeking and the estimated salary this will determine which order you should place. If the position(s) you are seeking are below $80,000 order the Standard Search. If the positions(s) you are seeking have a salary higher than $80,000 then order the Executive Search. If you use multiple job titles we will use the highest paying job title as the default job. You tell us up to 4 job titles you want us to find a job for you and up to 4 locations. With that information a dedicated seasoned recruiter will go and seek those opportunities. When the recruiter come's across a match for you they will submit your resume. Once the number of submission are completed you then get a report emailed to you. The process typically takes 24-72 hours to be completed after order is received and processed.

Standard Search
  • Salaries Between $0 - $79,999
  • 10-30 Submissions
Order Now


Executive Search
  • Salaries $80,000 And Up
  • 10-30 Submissions
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Shop With Confidence

We guarantee that you will get the listed job submissions done on your behalf or you get your money back with no questions asked. We are so confident that we can get your resume submitted on your behalf that you can even keep bonus items we sent you as a free gift along with the work that was already done. What do you have to lose? If we don’t deliver you don’t pay…it’s that simple.

Recap Of Benefits

Don't Miss Out

  • Resume Critique

    Review of your resume by a professional ($100 value)

  • Book

    Copy of How To Get A Job: Tips From A Human Resource Executive ($30 Value)

  • Reporting

    A Detailed Report of all the positions applied to on your behalf

  • Save Time & Money

    Get more submission done and get a job faster

  • LinkedIn Connections

    Grow your LinkedIn network to help you with advancing your career

The Time Is Now

It’s time to make a change! It’s time to take control of your employment future. Get ahead of your competition and save time in the process.


This is a limited time price. Once we reach 100 new clients we will be raising our prices. So take advantage of this service while the price is so low. We’re practically giving it away.


Stop struggling to find a job. Let our experts assist you. Don’t let other people get hired before you. Finding a job can be a numbers game, so put the numbers on your side. Order Now.


But Wait...There's More

An Added Bonus Just For You

Email List Of Top Recruiters ($250 Value)

As a bonus we will also supply you with a list of recruiters that you can send your resume to. These recruiters can update you on openings in your area as well. We will send you detailed instructions on how to make the best out of the list.

170 Premium Resume Templates ($850 Value)

Now you also get 170 premium resume templates that will catch the eye of hiring managers! These templates are designed to help you stand out from your competition.

80 Interview Getting Cover Letter Templates ($400 Value)

Get 80 eye catching cover letters that are ready to be sent in to help gain you interviews. All files are in word doc format and are ready to be edited to help you get a job fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Do you fill out applications for me?

    A.No, we will only apply to positions that only require submission of a resume. Opportunities that require an application be completed we will not apply to.

  • Q.What sites do you apply to on my behalf?

    A.We search, CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, and a few other sites when seeking opportunities for you.

  • Q.How will my report be delivered?

    A.Once we are done with your submission you will receive an email with your detailed report. Your report will show all the positions we applied to on your behalf.

  • Q.How often can I use this service?

    A.Use it as often as you like. This is a service you can use if you’re employed and seeking a better opportunity or if you’re unemployed and need to get back in the employment field.

  • Q.How long does the process take from start to finish?

    A.We typically will have your order done with 48 hours of ordering. However, if you are seeking job openings that are rare it can take longer. We also operate on a first come first serve basis. We process orders in the way they come in. If we believe if will take us longer we will inform you and allow you to decide if you want to wait or receive a refund.

  • Q.Will I have to follow up with the submissions after you finish?

    A.Yes, some of the positions will require you to complete an application or online interview for consideration or for you to take a test or submit additional documents. You typically will be notified via email if you need any additional actions to be taken.

  • Q.Can I use this service outside of the United States?

    A.Yes, you can. However, we can’t guarantee we will be able to meet the submissions quoted. Our job boards we utilize are geared towards the United States and might not have listings for jobs internationally.

  • Q.What happens if I order the Standard Search and have a position I am seeking that’s over $80,000.00?

    A.If this happens we will still complete the service but the amount of submissions will be drastically reduced. Each case will be determined on a case-by-case situation. It is important that you place the correct order for us to serve you better.