Using Hate To Find Your Job

Using hate to find a job sounds crazy right? Hera me out and read below!

The Hate column

This is the most important column and is your chance to be completely honest with yourself. As I wrote above, as a STEM-educated professional, you have seemingly endless possibilities for career paths, sectors, jobs, and even regions in which you could live and work. So how do you possibly narrow it down? By determining what it was that you hated from previous experiences. This makes sense – after all, the only data we can gather is what we have done in the past. So take a look at all of those experiences and try to remember in vivid detail what it was that you absolutely loathed.

Let your hatred spill out on your worksheet. Did you hate certain tasks, goals or missions? Did you hate certain types of work environments or team compositions? How about the communication and leadership styles of those around you? Or maybe you absolutely hated the location where you worked and would rather stick a fork in your eyeball than have to live there again. These are all extremely useful data! By classifying what you truly abhor, this allows you to put boundaries on the potentially endless career opportunities for you to consider.

For example, let’s say for your postdoc you worked in City X. And while you were there for the 2–3 years, you got to know City X and you realize the City X sucks. It sucks big time. You hate it. You loathe it. You couldn’t wait to get the heck out. This is good news, because now you know something crucial about yourself: You don’t have to look for jobs in City X and if an offer were extended to you that involved you living in City X you could immediately dismiss it and go on to the next opportunity. Similarly, let’s say that you have also established that you hate a certain industry, in this case for moral reasons. Then if you are given the chance to interview at a company or at a trade organization that represents this sector, you can easily dismiss it because it would go against your moral fiber and you would hate it there.

And a final word about knowing your true hates: The more you are honest with yourself, the better targeted you can be with your networking and the more productive you will be in your career. You can’t expect yourself to be successful (i.e. efficient and fruitful) in a company, organization, sector or region that does not align with your values or is representative of an employment ecosystem that you don’t like. So even if you are offered a job in that sector and it comes with a hefty salary, while you certainly could consider it, consider this: If you hate what you are doing every day and you hate the values of the organization that is paying you, then you will cease to be productive and you will end up losing your job anyway.

For both the Love and Hate columns you will start to see patterns emerge. Take a pencil and circle Matrix inputs that are repeated over several experiences. Those patterns will serve as serious signposts to assist you in making customized networking, and consequently career, decisions.

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