Jesus Help Me Find a Job

Many Christians are seeking a relationship with Jesus but are having trouble finding jobs that will let them have a relationship with Him. Many Christian Colleges and Universities are inundated with thousands of Christians who want a relationship with God. The Bible says that Jesus was the one who said, “What need I have to offer that you cannot have?” Many Christians really struggle to understand that because they are so desperately seeking a relationship with God. But God can help me find a job, He can help me work hard, and He can help me have a loving relationship with my boss.

Jesus was a carpenter and He was very proud of His craft. He never took credit for it, He always said that he did it his own way. That’s what we have to do if we really want to have a job that really helps the world and helps us pay the bills. We need to develop a sense of self and pride in our abilities. We need to learn to be proud of our abilities and not just take credit for what others have done. That’s how Jesus would have wanted us to act.

So how do we go about developing a sense of self and pride? The first step is to find a job. Too many Christians just assume that they will never find a job because they feel like they are not good enough. This is a big mistake, because it prevents us from finding the job that we actually need and that actually gets us money! Jesus always encouraged us to find a job and to get one right now.

If you are serious about developing a sense of self and pride then you should really stop believing that you are not good enough. What do I mean by this? Well, if you truly believe that you are worthless and inadequate then you won’t be helped by anybody else, including Jesus. When you tell yourself that you aren’t good enough and that you can’t help anyone unless you become great again you are really setting yourself up for failure.

So where do we get the skills and the ability to become great again? That’s the question we need to answer when we want to help others get a job. We need to learn about real jobs and what employers look for. We also need to be able to talk to someone in the flesh about this.

Jesus was a carpenter and he had no formal education. So how did he manage to find jobs? It’s not by going to graduate school or being admitted to a prestigious university. He found the jobs by leading a really honest and straightforward life. He always did things the right way and he didn’t wear himself out working long hours, but rather spent his days helping his neighbors and fellow church members.

If our lives follow this pattern then we will have no problem finding a job. Jesus was completely honest with us when he said that we should not go ahead and seek worldly riches. Instead we should help others. And it is this kind of persistence that will ultimately help us find success in life.

So just stop making excuses and think about how you can achieve the level of success that Jesus has already achieved. You have the ability to do this. So begin to really apply the principles of Jesus Christ. This will really help you attract jobs to you!

Many people wrongly believe that the world is God’s world and that He will give them all the jobs that they desire. Well this is not true. Our job is not to simply find a job. Our real job is to subdue jobs. When we accomplish this we will have truly helped others!

Submitting to Him for help does not mean that we are dependent on Him. Jesus loves us because we submit to Him. In submitting to Him we also submit to Him and His program. Therefore if we submit to Him we will receive! Submitting to Him and His program means receiving His Holy Spirit!

The Job we are seeking is not necessarily a physical job. Many times we will receive letters from employers saying that they need an extra hand in a particular department. What we must do is honestly and earnestly search for the job. We will find it, if we will trust God! Jesus can help us on our way to find the job of our dreams! We are here to help at Resume Cheetah.