Help Me Find A Job That I Would Enjoy

Finding a new job is difficult enough without having to help a stranger find one for you too. Nowadays it seems as if everyone is searching online for something. No wonder the employment figures are terrible! This article looks at ways in which you can use your own skills to help someone find a job that they would actually enjoy.

Look for jobs that have good pay and a fun atmosphere. Are the conditions of the job and the salary appealing? What about benefits? How about the hours of work? These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself when looking for a job.

Talk to friends and family. You can’t help everyone who calls you. It’s not easy to talk to strangers all the time. One way to at least get an initial conversation started is by chatting with those you already know – your family and friends. Maybe they can steer you in the right direction or tell you who they know who might be suitable for the position.

Join a professional employer’s networking program. These programs are specifically set up for people just like you to find jobs. There are hundreds of these specialist employers across the country. By signing up to their programs, you’ll automatically be sent information on where to find jobs and contact the companies.

Attend interviews. This is probably the best way to find out whether you would be a good fit for the company. Although this isn’t guaranteed to give you your dream job, it will give you the opportunity to let them know what you’re able and how you can best benefit their company.

Search the internet. There are a number of specialist websites dedicated to helping you find work. Some are for professionals only, but there are some for everyone. All you have to do is spend time looking for them.

Go for a job-search event. If you live in a town or city, there may be some job search events held. Look up your town or city on the web to find where they are. The majority of companies have some sort of job search section. It’s always good to sign up for these so that you can be sent information on where to find jobs and when there are openings.

Try to attend as many job fairs as you can. You never know who you could meet. Job fairs are fantastic for finding out about new positions and companies that are hiring. They are also good for networking. Meeting new people and making connections is something that will help you find a good job eventually.

I’ve found it really helpful if you could create a resume and cover letter and have a few versions. Have a couple different versions ready if at all possible. I would then show these to potential employers and send them an email version. This way you have a list of your qualifications and personal info all ready to send off. Plus you can tailor your resume and cover letter to their specific requirements.

Use a job search database. A lot of job search sites have free databases which can be extremely useful. Always check these before you spend any money because it can sometimes contain outdated information. In order to keep it current try subscribing to job alert lists – these alert lists will send you emails when new positions are advertised in your field.

I have a friend that went through all this process. She had her own small business and was doing quite well until she joined a recruitment agency. She spent quite a lot of money on forms and other materials – she even had a printed portfolio sent to prospective employers! She was able to find a job on her own, but the experience was totally worth it!

Don’t give up – it’s easy to get discouraged and give up on your quest to find a new job. Just keep going. Keep searching. And remember to have fun! If you end up with a job interview, make sure you look professional and wear a business suit – no one wants to interview you in a bikini! If you want help finding a job you’ll enjoy Resume Cheetah is here to help. See how we can help you find a job quick.