God Please Help Me Find a Job

The words “God please help me find a job” are so powerful. People that need help have such high hopes that God can change their lives. Unfortunately they don’t realize that it’s the lack of the will power and confidence that are stopping them from getting a job in the first place. If you want God to help you find a job then start showing them your desire for success.

You see, when we pray we admit our sin and ask for forgiveness. We ask God to help us accomplish things that we can’t do for ourselves. Unfortunately we don’t ask for help when we don’t believe that we can accomplish something or we don’t feel like we have the belief or confidence to do it. When we lack the belief it stops us from doing anything.

So if you are lacking the desire to get a job that needs to be done you need to start working on it. Put that dream on paper. Make it happen. Work on it with the thoughts of God in your mind. Write down what you need, what you want and how you want it accomplished.

Don’t sit at home and wait for a miracle to happen. We have to get up and take action. God will never help you if you don’t take a chance. If you are waiting for God to solve your problem then you aren’t going to find a job. Start taking action now.

What do you need to do? Get rid of all those negative thoughts in your head. Put them in a box and throw them away. Once they are gone you won’t have any more doubts.

Now turn your attention to your finances. Is there enough money coming in to make your bill payments on time? You need to get control of your finances. It’s not fun trying to balance your checkbook every month. When you have the desire to find a job you will be happier when your bills are paid and you have extra money to go out and have fun.

If you have lost your job or you have been laid off then it’s time to get serious about finding a new job. Get on your computer and start looking. There are many job boards online. Visit some of them and see which one you would feel most comfortable with. Always meet with prospective employers before you start your job hunt.

God will help you no matter what you are facing. If you have found yourself in a tough spot and you know God is responsible for your circumstances then you can trust him to help you. He wants you to have a job. Ask Him for His help and trust him. He will show you how to have the happiness you deserve.

People go through times very quickly where they can’t pay their bills. You need to find out what is keeping you up late at night or laying in your bed at midnight wondering how you’re going to make it to the end of the month. Make an appointment with God and let him know your problems. He will help you with any concerns He may have.

God will also help you pay your bills if you are willing to put Him first. Ask Him to forgive you. I am willing to forgive you even though I don’t understand what you’re saying. It may seem harsh, but it is for your own good! God doesn’t want you to be in debt and He wants you to have the luxury of being financially free!

God also has plans for you and He wants you to prosper. He wants you to have a bright future! Ask Him for His help and trust Him. Don’t think about other people and their ways, thinking that they have the answers!

If you truly desire to succeed, then start by believing that it is possible. Believing that something can happen is half the battle. Once you believe it, then you must go out and do it! I know this may seem discouraging, but just keep at it! There are many programs available to help you succeed.