Setting Up Accomplishments On Your Resume

An accomplishment is a detailed account of success regarding the duties and responsibilities of your job. Make sure your specific successes are crystal clear to the hiring executive on your resume.

Accomplishments are vitally important to your job search. It has been said that qualifications often get you an interview, but accomplishments and rapport are what get you the job. Identify and quantify your accomplishments, and use bullet points for easy reading.


• Clearly demonstrate your ability to improve a company’s efficiency or bottom line.

• Emphasize positive work outcomes with dates, percentages, numbers, and so on.

• Display why an organization will find you effective.

• Translate your value by showing your performance in similar circumstances.

Accomplishments focus on quantities, improvements, and results from an organization’s perspective. How did you make or save the employer money? Or how did your actions lead to a beneficial result? Highlight accomplishments with $, %, or # as applicable to enhance credibility.

Accomplishments can be a separate Showcase section on your resume. Or, especially for chronological resumes, they can be a subsection to each position you have held.

What Accomplishments Get Employers’ Attention?

Remember that employers generally hire with two main goals: to make or save money. The more obvious your accomplishments appear to achieve either goal, the more powerful the accomplishment is. The following list of accomplishments can help spark ideas as you contemplate your own (refer back to Understanding the Employer’s Mindset):

1. Increased revenues

2. Awards, rankings against your peers, or production numbers

3. Process improvement that saves money or time, increases efficiency, or makes work easier

4. Improved company image, branding

5. Opened new distribution channels for sales

6. Product improvements, product development

7. Expanded business/sales through existing accounts

8. Anything that enhances competitiveness

9. Improved client retention

10. Improved company culture, morale, employee retention

The following is a list of positions. Under each are ideas from which accomplishment statements can be created. Although a particular position type may not apply to you, adopt this mindset when considering your accomplishments.


• Design and implementation of cost controls and quantifiable results

• Optimization of business output through software or other technology

• Application of tax laws


• Client retention

• Contribution to sales growth (upselling)

• Key account responsibilities


• Financial outcomes from new designs or products

• Patents awarded or pending

• Projects managed and financial results


• Measurable increases in revenues, profits, EBITDA, and ROI

• Leadership regarding strategic planning, long-term business development

Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures


• Increase in quality of patient care, with detailed results

• Increased impact of outreach services, with their results

• Attainment and maintenance of stringent regulatory requirements

• Reduction in re-admittance


• Success in recruiting personnel

• Employee retention

• Improvements in employee benefits and cost reduction


• Increases in production and worker productivity

• Improvements in safety

• Reductions in operating costs and overhead expenses


• Increases in gross revenues, profit margins, and market impact

• Improvements in inventory turnover, speed to market

• Reductions in inventory, operating, and personnel costs


• Sales honors, awards, percentages over quota, rankings against peers

• Increases in revenues, profits, and market share

• Sold new national accounts

• Expansion into previously undeveloped territories and markets


• Development of new technologies and their financial results

• Detailed results of implementation (e.g., revenue increases, cost reductions)

• Patents awarded

• Timely systems conversion, integration

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