How much does your resume matter when looking for a job?

visual resume

Exactly how much does your resume matter when you are searching for a job? This is the question every person, at least once in their life, has asked themselves. After all, a resume is the first thing that speaks for you in an interview or when it’s submitted online.

It says exactly who you are and what it is you’re trying to say: what did you study, which and how much work experiences you had in your life, what do you do now, what is your language level, but also what are your passions and what makes you special, different, unique, better than others. This means a resume is supposed to convince the employer that you are the right choice, not the others that have applied for the same job opening.

Many indications have to be kept in mind- a resume must not bore whoever reads it and has to highlight the aspects you want to be seen first, like your best skills. Consider that who reads your curriculum will probably have a huge pile of other resumes like yours that are still to be analyzed, so if you don’t want yours to be rejected right away you should work on its design.

A perfect resume, in fact, should be light and simple, but also interesting to read. A trending model, for example, has been the so-called “infographic resume,” because it catches the hiring mangers attention, taking him by surprise not only for your own competencies, but also because of your personality, thanks to the specific layout and diagrams you have chosen to display.

With this method, your formation, competencies and work duties become data translated in graphics, just with a few clicks. As you can imagine, this particular model of CV is well suited to those that are designers and web marketing professionals, but it’s also effective for every other type of employment required.

Research has shown that you have ten seconds or less to attract the attention and keep the attention of the hiring manager. This puts applicants at a huge disadvantage. Those that have the qualifications aren’t even considered most of the time due to a lackluster resume.

Nowadays there are many ways to achieve this specific visual effect, but what to do when you have no experience with design and you still want to achieve something professional and aesthetically pleasant? You have to try to hire someone to do it for you…or you can hope you find a site online to help. Or, you can use a site called Visualast and save yourself time and money. is the most efficient and reliable site to build a visual resume that will catch everyone’s eye. In fact, it offers many different resume templates you can choose. As easy as 1,2,3, as the site claims, you can then fill in the template with your personal information exactly how you want it, since it is a highly customizable item. Last but not least, the final file will be downloadable in .pdf or .jpeg, so not only it will be possible to have a handy copy of it on your computer, but also to print a high-quality paper that will surely make a good impression on the employer. The site also offers you the ability to share your resume via your personal link. It would be wise to take some time and visit the site. You can help your chances of getting the job with a better designed resume.