Get a Job with Resume Cheetah

Are you getting frustrated spending long hours on some fussy job portal? You see SO MANY job opportunities and you apply to hundreds every day and still never get a call? Maybe there is something you are doing wrong! Maybe it is the way you are approaching the companies or it’s just that you are using the wrong keywords or maybe you do not really know which jobs will consider your resume. No matter what the reason is, the result is – no calls for a single interview after spending long hours by making your schedule suffer. BUT all that agony is going to end soon when I introduce you to a new advanced way of getting a job using RESUME CHEETAH.

How Resume Cheetah work for you?
Pretty neat and clean – you just need to submit your resume, job title(s), and location(s). Our professional recruiter will then send your resume to job openings on your behalf. Not only this, we would provide you a full report of all the vacancies we have applied to on your behalf. While most of the Job Portals requires just your CV, there are others that require some more documents too and when we encounter something like that, we will let you know.

If you are still not convinced about giving the CHEETAH a try, here are 5 things that would force you to register with us.

Resume critique
1. Resume Critique
A professionally built resume has far more chances to get selected in a reputed company than a childish one. Our skilled recruiter will review your resume before submitting to the jobs. If we come across something messy, we will let you know. This alone process is worth more than $100.

Copy of book

2. Copy of Book
How about a free book that covers all the important aspects of a Job Hunt and teaches you “How to get a job”? Yep! You heard it right. We will give you a copy of “How to Get a Job?” coming from a highly experienced Human Resource Executive. This will help you prepare yourself according to the perspective of a hiring manager. This one is worth $30.

Detailed Report

3. Reporting
We won’t hide anything from you during the complete process. After applying to all the suitable jobs that fulfill your criteria, we will send a comprehensive report to you via email. This way you can keep an eye on the company profiles we apply on and thus prepare yourself for the interview.

Save Money

4. Save Time and Money
Might be you are looking for a switch from a long time, or you are unemployed. Resume Cheetah will save your time and get you the desired job quickly. This will automatically save your money too, and you can give time to your other stuff in this hustle and bustle world.

No ongoing Fees

5. No Ongoing Fees
You don’t have to shake your bank balance to use this amazing service; Resume Cheetah takes just a one-time hassle free payment. There is no subscription kind of thing as other portals offer. Pay once and use it as often as you want; and everything would be delivered at your doorstep and email.

Professional Assistance

6. Experienced Professional Assistance
We will assign a committed professional to you who will ensure that you are never lost in the system and get a job fast. This person takes you on one on one to make sure they can get you the best opportunity to become employed in the quickest possible time.

Every job hunt requires a correct approach and more than a correct approach it requires an excellent resume. With Resume Cheetah, you get all of that delivered to you right in your inbox for a more than affordable rate. Don’t waste time, visit Resume Cheetah today and see how fast they can get you hired.